If you ever find yourself saying any of these things then give us a call today – a small investment can make a huge difference to your child’s future!

  • My child is not happy at school.
  • My child is able but lacks confidence in his abilities and this is having a negative impact on his progress at school.
  • My child used to enjoy learning but with the pressure of upcoming exams/tests, she seems to have lost interest.
  • Having a few gaps in his maths knowledge is making it difficult for my child to access the rest of the maths curriculum.
  • My child is worried about exams and needs some help with revision techniques.
  • My child is very bright and we are looking for ways of challenging her further.
  • My child lacks concentration and one to one tutoring may help him to focus better.

We asked parents what is most important to them: A. their child’s happiness at school, B. their child’s progress at school, C. their child’s confidence at school.

100% of parents wanted their children to be happy and confident at school. We know that A + C = B therefore our tutors focus on making sessions fun and building their students’ confidence- encouraging them to discuss their learning, strategies that work for them and the ways they can progress. We help develop happy and successful life long learners who are confident, resilient and enjoy learning new skills and knowledge.

How it works

  1. Call us
  2. We take details of your child’s needs, interests and days and times available.
  3. We match a tutor to your child
  4. The tutor calls you to introduce themselves

During the first session, the tutor completes an informal assessment so that they can tailor future sessions to your child’s individual learning needs. They also have a chat with you and your child to discuss areas your child would like to work on, current attainment grades and targets.

If your child is happy to continue then regular sessions are set up. We send you a monthly invoice. There is absolutely no obligation to book a given number of sessions. We do ask that you give us 48 hours notice if you have to cancel a booked session. Smiles&Miles ‘checks in’ with parents to ensure that everything is continuing to go well and we’re here to answer any questions and offer advice.

100% satisfaction guarantee!

We just know that your child will be smiling after a session with our tutors. However, if they’re not 100% happy 24 hours after the first session then we will pay for a session with another Smiles&Miles tutor.

Our speciality is making a positive difference to children’s learning experiences and success.

We do this by:

  • Taking on tutors who are passionate about their subject and working with students
  • Tailoring learning activities to individual needs and preferred learning styles
  • Encouraging students to think about strategies that will help them to learn
  • Delivering tutoring sessions which students enjoy
  • Providing constructive feedback to students and to their parents/guardians

Our students show:

  • Increased student confidence after just a few sessions
  • Significant academic progress after two to three months

Sarah Oliver – Director of Smiles&Miles Tutoring

We aim to give you:

Quality. We aim to provide only the best tutors. All tutors are interviewed in person, have fully qualified teaching status, have enhanced DBS check clearance and share the Smiles&Miles philosophy when it comes to working with your child.

Results. We aim to enable your child to be the best that they can be. All of our students make good to accelerated academic progress.

Peace of mind. We aim to promote a love of learning for your child and help them to discover the skills and knowledge that will enable them to be happy and successful life-long learners.